The Sikh Genocide Project would like to thank its sponsors for the year 2004: ENSAAF, VFF and several anonymous individuals and organizations. (If you would like to sponsor our work or provide financial assistance, please contact us.) We would like to thank all those who provided feedback on our research and supplied us with materials that enhanced the presentation of our findings.

“Introduction” Movie Clip
“Sea of Sikh turbans”, © Dilip Mehta
Sikh woman in yellow praying, © Gurmeet Thukral
Sikh man reading from the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture, © Sondeep Shankar
Twin Nishan Sahibs (Sikh flags), © Julie W. Munro
Sikh children at a wedding, emphasizing “Sikh culture”, © Sondeep Shankar
Sikh martial arts tradition, © Bhole Kaur
Chopin (Piano Sonata No. 2, Funeral March)

“Invasion” Movie Clip
Darbar Sahib at dawn, © Rajwinder Singh
Multiple domes, upper level of Darbar Sahib, © Rajwinder Singh
Sikhs walking on white marble floor, © Rajwinder Singh
Causeway to the sanctum sanctorum, Darbar Sahib, © Rajwinder Singh
Akal Takht, © Rajwinder Singh
Truman Show (Piano Solo)
Beethoven (“Largo” performed by Perlman, Yo Yo Ma, Barenboim)

“Pogroms” Movie Clip
Beethoven (Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat Major)

“Genocide” Movie Clip
John Willams (Soundtrack of Shindler’s List)

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